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4.3. Non-English Versions of Palisade 7.x Software

Applies to:  All products, release 6.1–6.3

Which localized versions are available?

Releases 7.x are localized for Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

How do I specify my preferred language?

You specify one of the languages as your preferred language in a dialog box at install time. Later, when running the application, the end user can change languages at any time through the Utilities » Application Settings dialog.

Can I specify a language in a silent or scripted install?

Yes. Please see Silent Install of Non-English 7.x Software.

Is a separate activation required for each language?

No, one Activation ID covers all available languages.

Is an Internet connection required when specifying or changing languages?

The program installer contains program text — menus, icons, dialogs, messages, windows, graphs, reports, and so on — for all localized versions, and all languages are installed regardless of your preferred language. The English and Spanish documentation files — help files, user manuals, and example spreadsheets — are also installed regardless of your preferred language. There is nothing to download when changing language to English or Spanish. There is also no need to download anything if you are content with the program in your language but the documentation files in English or Spanish.

For Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, or Russian, the documentation files require a download. If you select one of those languages when installing the program, the installer will try to download the documentation files and install them for you. Likewise, if you change languages through the software's Utilities » Application Settings dialog, and the documentation files aren't already on your computer in that language, the software will try to download and install the documentation for you.

If the download of documentation fails for any reason, the program will operate in the specified language but the documentation will still be in English or Spanish. In that case, please contact Palisade Technical Support for a Language Pack. Include the software serial number and the three-digit software version from the Help » About screen in your email. The one Language Pack covers all six languages.

My Windows language is not one of the listed ones. Can I still use the software?

Yes, but you must install and run the program in English. (Exception: Software versions 7.0.0 and 7.0.1 do not function correctly with Windows in Korean.)

Additional keywords:  Local language support, International language setting, Localization

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