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4.4. Silent Install of Non-English 7.x and 8.x up to and including 8.3.2 Software

Applies to: All products, standalone or network versions, releases 7.x and 8.x up to and including 8.3.2

I'm doing a silent install of your 7.x product. I'd like the application to come up automatically in our local language the first time it runs, without making the end user navigate an English-language menu to set the language. How can I do this?

For English or Spanish, install Part A only. For the other languages, install part A and then part B.

Part A: Do this for all languages.

You need the MSI installer for the appropriate product — @RISK, DecisionTools Suite, StatTools, etc. Palisade Technical Support can supply the installer on request; please include your serial number in your email so that we send you the right installer.

You will use the basic instructions for the MSI, depending on whether you're installing standalone software or a network client:

However, you will add a ProductLanguage parameter to the MSI command line to specify the target language. The installer itself will use the language currently selected in Windows, but the default for the end user application will be set to the product language you specify on the MSI command line:

Example: Standalone @RISK in Spanish:

msiexec /i Risk7-Setup.msi /qn ProductLanguage=1034
USERNAME="Mary Smith" COMPANYNAME="Hometown Bank"

Example: @RISK Concurrent Network client in Portuguese:

msiexec /i Risk7-cust-Setup.msi ProductLanguage=1046
USERNAME="Maria Duarte" COMPANYNAME="Banco Nacional"

Part B: Additional step for CN/DE/FR/JP/PT/RU.

If you install the product in English or Spanish, Part A is sufficient. If you selected one of the other languages, the text of all program dialogs and messages is installed in that language, but the examples and documentation will be in English. For languages other than English and Spanish, you must separately run the language resources installer to install documentation and examples in the selected language. There is just one language resources installer, and it covers all products in all six languages.

Download the MSI installer for language resources from this link. There is just one language resources install, regardless of product or language. The command line looks like this:

The language can be any one of Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, or Russian. If you want to install documentation and examples for more than one language, run the installer again for each extra language. If you want to install documentation and examples for all six languages, use MYLANNG=ALL instead of specifying a language.

Additional keywords: Local language support, International language setting, Localization

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