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18.12. "Unable to load PalNetSvrUtil7_x86.dll"

Applies to: Palisade Server Manager 7.x

When I launch Server Manager, I get this error:

Operation Failed
Unable to load PalNetSvrUtil7_x86.dll

Did you install Server Manager with full administrative rights? If you didn't, or if you're not sure, please repeat the install, but this time right-click the installer and select Run as Administrator.

Another possibility is missing or corrupted Visual C++ runtimes. If Server Manager used to be working, and is now getting this error, that points to this cause. But it could also occur right after install, if the runtimes were present but corrupted. In either case, please install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 from item 2 of Microsoft Components Required for Palisade 7.x Software Install; there's no need to reinstall Server Manager after doing this.

Last edited: 2016-08-17

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