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17.2. Managing Reports in StatTools

Applies to: StatTools 5.x and newer

It seems like getting basic information about my data out of StatTools takes a lot of reports, and they're all in separate workbooks. Isn't there some way to consolidate them?

Yes, there is. The default with StatTools is to put each report in a new workbook, but you can easily change that. Click Utilities » Application Settings. In the Reports section, change Placement to After Last Used Column in Active Sheet or to Query for Starting Cell. (You can also get to Application Settings by clicking the icon at the bottom of most StatTools dialogs.)

Beginning with StatTools 7.0, there's a new alternative way to get statistics and summary graphs for multiple variables, all in one window — and this includes overlay graphs, box-whisker plots, scatter plots, and correlation coefficients. Click the new Data Viewer icon, and use the row of icons at the bottom of the dialog to select which information you want to see.

Last edited: 2016-04-20

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