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17.3. Sharing StatTools Results with Colleagues Who Don't Have StatTools

Applies to:  StatTools 5.x–7.x

I ran a StatTools analysis, saved the workbook, and sent it to a colleague. She opened it in Excel, and instead of the numbers she just saw #NAME errors. How can share my results?

When you run an analysis, it can be static or live. A static number is not linked to the original data, so it doesn't change if you change the original numbers. A live number is linked, and therefore the result changes as you change your data. (If you have set Excel calculation to manual, you'll have to press F9 to trigger a recalculation.) All of this applies to graphs as well as numerical results. If the analysis creates a new sheet — which happens if Reports: Placement in Application Settings is set to New Workbook or Active Workbook — the header will show whether updating is live or static.

The default in StatTools is to create live results, which are linked to the original data. If you're planning to send results to a colleague who doesn't have StatTools, go into Utilities » Application Setting, and in the Reports section change Updating Preference to Static. This has no effect on any analysis done previously, so you need to change the setting before generating the report.

Setting Updating Preference to Static is also useful if you want to keep a historical record even though the data may change later.

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