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7.4. Renewing a Course License (6.x → 7.x)

Applies to: Course licenses for The DecisionTools Suite 7.x, when last year you had 6.x

We have a current 6.x course license, deployed as client-server, option 1. We have just purchased a renewal, which is 7.x. Do we really have to uninstall and reinstall everything?

On the server:

There's no need to uninstall Server Manager 6. Install Server Manager 7 from the link in the email you received, and it will overwrite the older Server Manager program. If your 6.x license still has some time remaining, this install will not disturb that license, and 6.x clients will still be able to run.

After installing the new Server Manager, activate the 7.x license, as explained in Activating a 7.x Activatable License. The Activation ID and number of users are in the email you received.

See also: The 7.0 Network Guide explains everything you'll want to know about Palisade network administration.

On the clients:

Uninstall version 6.x (Control Panel » Programs and Features), or simply reimage the computer if that's your normal practice.

If you have any Palisade software versions 6.x or older as active add-ins in Excel, remove them. Click File » Options » Add-Ins. At the bottom of the right-hand panel, click Go. Remove the tick marks for the old versions, and click OK. Add-ins are a per-user option, so this change needs to be made under the end user's profile.Our software does not need to be an active add-in, unless you want it to start every time Excel starts; see Opening Palisade Software Automatically Whenever Excel Opens.

Install the 7.x client software by following the procedure in Concurrent Network Client Setup (7.x). You'll find a link to the installer in the email you received with your license information.

Last edited: 2016-01-29

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