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7.3. Renewing a Course License (7.x → 7.x)

Applies to: The DecisionTools Suite 7.x, course licenses
(If your course license last year was 6.x, see Renewing a Course License 6.x → 7.x.)

We have a current 7.x course license, deployed as client-server, option 1. We have just purchased a renewal, which is also 7.x. Do we really have to reinstall everything?

On the server, all you have to do is activate the new license. Run the existing Palisade Server Manager, click Activate, and enter the Activation ID and number of users from the email you received with your license renewal information. It is not necessary to reinstall Server Manager.

On the clients, if the old and new three-digit versions are the same then you don't have to do anything at all. If the new three-digit version is newer than the old one, don't uninstall anything but simply install the new client over the old one. During install, you'll need the Palisade_NetworkClient.ini file in the same folder as the installer. For more details, see Concurrent Network Client Setup (7.x).

It's perfectly okay to create a master image of a client and clone it to all the computers in your lab.

What if we deployed last year's 7.x license as independent workstations, option 2? What must we do for the renewal?

Are these independent workstations on campus, in computer labs and classrooms? If so, you'll save yourself work in the long run by converting them to the client-server deployment. Most schools are provided with both an independent-workstation license and a client-server license. To convert from the first to the second, use the links and license information in the email that you received, and follow this procedure:

  1. On your license server, follow the directions in Server Setup, steps 1 through 5. This puts the new license in place on your server.
  2. On each client, if the old and new three-digit software versions are the same, follow the procedure in Changing 7.x Standalone Workstation to Concurrent Client. If the old and new three-digit software versions are different, follow the procedure in Concurrent Network Client Setup (7.x), which will overwrite the old workstation software version with the new network client software version.

If the independent workstations are students' own computers, or other computers that are not on your school's LAN, then your course of action depends on whether you're upgrading the 7.x software version, and whether each computer in question has multiple users.

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