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2.15. @RISK Creates Empty Add-Ins Tab in Ribbon

Applies to: All products, running under Excel 2007 or later
(This article is written in terms of @RISK, but the same problem could happen with any of our add-ins.)

When I launch @RISK, I don't get an @RISK tab in the ribbon. Instead, an Add-Ins tab appears, but there are no icons in it.

If @RISK creates an Add-Ins tab and populates it with miniature versions of the @RISK icons, see @RISK Creates Add-Ins Tab in Ribbon, with Tiny Icons.

Either Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is not installed, or there's something wrong with the installation. To test this, in Excel press Alt+F11. If the Visual Basic Editor comes up, then VBA is installed, but it may not be installed correctly. Please perform a Repair of Excel.

If the Visual Basic Editor does not appear when you press Alt+F11, then VBA is not installed. Follow these steps to install it:

  1. Close all instances of your Microsoft Office applications.
  2. In Control Panel » Programs and Features, select your Microsoft Office and click Change or Modify.
  3. The Office installer will launch. Select Add or Remove Features and click Continue.
  4. The next panel in the dialog shows installation options. In the list, under Microsoft Office, find Office Shared Features and click the + sign at its left.
  5. In the sub-list that opens, find Visual Basic for Applications and change it to Run from My Computer. Click Continue, and VBA will be installed.

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