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2.14. @RISK Creates Add-Ins Tab in Ribbon, with Tiny Icons

Applies to: All products, releases 6.3.0 and earlier, running under Excel 2007 or newer
(This article is written in terms of @RISK, but the same problem could happen with any of our add-ins.)

When I launch @RISK, I don't get an @RISK tab in the ribbon. Instead, small versions of the @RISK icons populate an Add-Ins tab in the ribbon.

Or, when I try to launch @RISK, I get a pop-up a message such as:

Cannot run the macro "C:\Program Files\Palisade\RISK6\Risk.xla'!RiskEvent_ExecuteCommand'. The macro may not be available in this workbook or all macros may be disabled.

(The path may vary, but the macro name at the end is always RiskEvent_ExecuteCommand.)

If @RISK creates an Add-Ins tab but doesn't put any icons in it, see @RISK Creates Empty Add-Ins Tab in Ribbon.

Our initial Risk.xla add-in loads helper add-ins. There is a policy setting called "Automation Security". The normal value of this is 1. But if it is set to 3, then Excel will not allow add-ins to load other add-ins. @RISK is unable to load the file that creates the @RISK tab in the ribbon, or @RISK fails with the message above.

You can determine the value of this setting from within Excel, as follows:

  1. Press Alt+F11 to open the Visual Basic Editor, then Ctrl+G to open the Immediate Window.

  2. Copy/paste the text


    (including question mark) into the Immediate Window and press Enter.

If the value displayed is 1, this setting is not the problem. Please contact Technical Support for assistance.

If the value displayed is 3, this is why @RISK cannot run. Please see "@RISK cannot be started because of the following Office security setting" for permanent and temporary solutions.

See also: Group Policy and Office Customization Tool Settings: Technical Reference

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