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4.2. Server Manager Advanced Options

Disponible en español: Opciones Avanzadas en el Administrador de Servidor

Applies to:
Server Manager 6.x/7.x/8.x

The Advanced Options button is the magnifying-glass icon near the lower left corner of the Server Manager window. It opens a panel with the following three buttons.


Clicking this button will open a Notepad window containing mostly debugging information. However, the displayed file also contains some license information that supplements the display from Status:

Exception: If you redirected the license log, Server Manager will be unable to display it. In that case, get the information from the file where you redirected the log.

Host ID

The Host ID button displays the server name and Ethernet address(es) as they are known to the FLEXnet licensing software. Palisade Technical Support may ask you to send this information in some circumstances.


The Execute button is for use by Palisade Technical Support during a remote support session.

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