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3.9. FLEXnet from Other Vendors

Disponible en español: FLEXnet con otros Proveedores

Applies to:
Palisade network software 6.x/7.x/8.x

What if I already have FLEXnet-licensed applications from other vendors?

Palisade network licenses are built on FLEXnet Publisher (until version 8.0.1, starting 8.1. FLEXnet Publisher got updated to 11.16.0). Even if you have FLEXnet licenses from other vendors, please perform our server install. By default, it installs to Palisade folders, preventing versioning problems or any other interference with other FLEXnet on your server. All you need to do is choose a port number for Palisade licenses that is not otherwise in use. (Or just accept the default of Dynamic and let the software choose a port. Caution: If one vendor’s lmgrd port is unspecified or dynamic, all must be. In a mix of specified and unspecified ports, the specified ports can create a conflict with the dynamically chosen ones.)

We strongly recommend that you use only our Server Manager to administer Palisade licenses. Server Manager is a more convenient alternative to LMTools and LMAdmin. But more important, Server Manager and the associated Network Server software perform some additional setup behind the scenes, beyond the standard FLEXnet functions. If you bypass Server Manager and make changes using LMTools or LMAdmin, your client software may not be able to obtain a license.

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