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3.10. Multiple Palisade Licenses

Disponible en español: Múltiples Licencias de Palisade

Applies to:
Palisade network software 6.x/7.x/8.x

What if I already have a Palisade 8.x license on this server?

If you’re just adding a license, there’s no need to run the server software install again. Follow this shorter procedure:

  1. Download the client installer to the folder where you’re keeping client installers.

  2. Install your Activation ID or get a new license certificate, as explained in Server Step 3: Activate License or Obtain Certificate.

  3. Install the new client installer on the clients; see Client Setup Procedure.

See also: How can I let each user use only the “right” license when our server holds multiple Palisade licenses?

If you’re upgrading the server software itself, or reinstalling the server software for some reason, you can run the server install without first uninstalling the existing 6.x-8.x server software. Here’s how:

  1. Run Server Manager and click Stop Service, then close Server Manager.

  2. Run the server installer.

  3. Run Server Manager and click Start Service.

What if I already have a Palisade 5.x-7.x license on this server?

Whether you are replacing a 5.x-7.x network with an upgrade to 8.x, or keeping your 5.x-7.x network license and adding a 8.x network license, you’ll use Palisade Server Manager 8.x to manage all 5.x–8.x licenses. Follow the normal 7.x Server Setup Procedure.

If you previously had an earlier version of Server Manager, the new version will take over the functions of the old one, including managing any 5.x/6.x licenses.

If this is your first install of Server Manager, and you have any 5.x licenses, then the first time you run Server Manager it will ask your permission to take over management of them. This is necessary before you can activate any 6.x-8.x licenses. With your permission, the 5.x service will be stopped. For a brief period, while you set a couple of options in Server Manager, clients already running can continue to run but no new clients can get licenses; typically this should be on the order of a minute or two. As soon as you select your options and click OK, the new background license process will be started and client licenses will again be available. The 5.x license service will be deleted, but all files will remain. You can delete them if you wish, either through Control Panel » Programs and Features (look for a product name followed by “Network Edition”) or by deleting the containing folder. The default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\FLEXnet\Palisade or C:\Program Files\FLEXnet\Palisade. Please don’t create a new 5.x license process; that may render all your licenses unusable.

If your 7.x network license is an upgrade to replace a 5.x/6.x network license, your initial Activation ID or certificate license for 7.x will be a temporary one. This allows for a transition period while you upgrade server and clients to 7.x. At the end of the transition period, you will receive your production Activation ID or certificate. For step-by-step procedures, see Upgrading Palisade Software.

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