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3.8. After Upgrading, My Network Client License Is Gone

Applies to:
All products, upgrading from one 7.x release to a later 7.x release (network clients)
All products, upgrading from one 6.x release to a later 6.x release (network clients)

I installed the upgrade, and now the software is not using the network license. Either I get a trial prompt, or I get "Authorization failure: There is no available license."

Your network information is not gone, just masked.

During installation of an upgrade, the installer presents a Customer Information screen. In the lower half of that screen, the options are to install a trial, to upgrade, or to activate a new license. The default is a 15-day trial, so if you just click Next — as people tend to do with installers — you get a trial license.

To use your network license again, in License Manager click the Select License button, then Concurrent Network. Select your real license, and click OK. This is a per-user setting, so if there are multiple Windows user accounts on this computer then each user will need to use Select License once.

Last edited: 2015-10-07

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