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3.7. After Upgrading, My Standalone License Is Gone

Applies to:
All products, upgrading from one 7.x release to a later 7.x release, standalone licenses
All products, upgrading from one 6.x release to a later 6.x release, standalone licenses

I installed the upgrade, and now I no longer have a license. When I try to activate again, it says that my Activation ID is in use.

Your license is not lost, just masked. You don't need to reactivate it.

During installation of an upgrade, the installer presents a Customer Information screen. In the lower half of that screen, the options are to install a trial, to upgrade, or to activate a new license. The default is a 15-day trial, so if you just click Next — as people tend to do with installers — you get a trial license.

Your real license information is masked by the trial license. To use your real license again, in License Manager click the Select License button, select your activated license, and click OK. This is a per-user setting, so if there are multiple Windows user accounts on this computer then each user will need to use Select License once.

Last edited: 2015-10-07

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