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3.1. Citrix and Remote Desktop Services (6.x)

Applies to:
All Palisade Concurrent Network software, release 6.x
If you have a 7.x network, see Citrix and Remote Desktop? (7.x)

No other licenses will work on Citrix servers or through any type of remote login.

Can we use Citrix or Remote Desktop Services (formerly called Terminal Services)?

You can configure a Concurrent Network (only) for all thin clients, all thick clients, or a mix. If your setup includes thin clients, you can configure multiple Citrix servers.

On one or more servers, perform the Server Setup Procedure. This will be your license server. The simplest setup is to have only one license server and place all licenses on it, but if you wish you can have multiple license servers. Multiple License Servers? explains how to split the licenses and how to connect the clients to multiple servers.

If you have all thick clients or a mix, perform the Client Setup Procedure on the appropriate end users' machines.

If you have all thin clients or a mix, perform the Client Setup Procedure on your server(s). It's perfectly okay to have the client software on the same server(s) that you're using for license server. The end-user applications are all in a program group called Palisade DecisionTools in the Start menu. After you publish the applications in that group, end users log in to your server and can run the Palisade software. End users should not have access to the Palisade Network Server group.

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