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3.10. Another 6.x License?

If you have a 7.x network, see Another 7.x License?.

What if I already have a Palisade 6.x license on this server?

If you're just adding a license, there's no need to run the server software install again. Follow this shorter procedure:

  1. Download the client installer to the folder where you're keeping client installers.
  2. Install your Activation ID or get a new license certificate, as explained in Server Step 3: Activate License or Obtain Certificate.
  3. Install the new client installer on the clients; see Client Setup Procedure.

If you're upgrading the server software itself, or reinstalling the server software for some reason, you can run the server install without first uninstalling the existing 6.x server software. Here's how:

  1. Run Server Manager and click Stop Service, then close Server Manager.
  2. Run the server installer.
  3. Run Server Manager and click Start Service.

See also: Keeping Each 6.x User to the "Right" License

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