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3.6. Specifying a Descriptive Name for a Distribution

Applies to: @RISK 4.x–8.x

In the sensitivity analysis or tornado charts, I'm observing some odd descriptions for the bars. My model is built with the cell description in the cell to the left of that cell's formula. After running the simulation, in the tornado graphs I usually see the respective cell descriptions. However, I'm currently observing that some parameters seem to be using other text from the worksheet instead of the description next to the cell formula. Is there some way to tell @RISK what descriptions to use for the bars in tornado charts?

Every @RISK input distribution has a name for use in graphs and reports as well as the @RISK Model Window. When you first define a distribution, either in the Define Distribution window or by directly entering a formula in the worksheet, @RISK assigns it a default name. This default name comes from text that @RISK finds in your worksheet and interprets as row and column headings. If the name is acceptable, you don't need to do anything. If it's not acceptable, or if it's blank because @RISK couldn't find any suitable text, you can easily change it, using any of these methods:

Save your workbook after entering or editing any names. The new names will be used in subsequent graphs and reports.  (Graphs and reports of simulation results will use the new names when you run a new simulation.)

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