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6.18. All Iterations of One Input or Output

Applies to: @RISK 4.x–7.x


I want to see all the iterations of one particular input or output.  Is there any way other than bringing up the Simulation Data window or generating a Simulation Data report?  That produces all inputs and outputs, but I need just one or two.

Yes, there are two methods.

In @RISK 6.0 or newer, click Browse Results and select the input or output cell. In the upper right corner of the Browse Results window, click the drop-down arrow and select Data Grid. (See the attached illustration.) You will then have all the iteration data for this input or output in a column. You can copy/paste it to an Excel sheet or another program if you wish.

In @RISK 4 and later, you can place iteration data in your worksheet with RiskData( ). The RiskData functions are automatically updated at the end of a simulation.

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