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13.3. Regression Dialog Too Large for Screen

Applies to: StatTools 6.2.1 and older

When I try to do a regression in StatTools, the dialog box is too large for the screen, and I can't get to the OK button.

This is a known problem with low-resolution screens, those with height 600 pixels or less.  If you can, increase your screen resolution.

If you can't increase the screen resolution, or you prefer not to, you can use the StatTools keyboard shortcuts to fill in fields you can't see and to activate the OK button. The shortcut keys are the underlined letters.

Please refer to the attached snapshot of the StatTools 6 regression dialog. (The snapshot has been resized to fit better in this article; if you want to see it full size, right-click it and select "new window".)

For example, "Residuals vs X-Values" has the letter V underlined. To place or remove a check mark in that box, press Alt-V. "Confidence Level" has the letter O underlined. To set the confidence level, press Alt-O and enter the desired level with per cent sign (%), and press the Tab key, not Enter.

When you are ready to "click" the OK button, press the Enter key.

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