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5.2. Specifying One or More 5.x License Servers

Applies to:
All Palisade Concurrent Network software, releases 5.x

Question 1:
How do I tell the client machine where to find the Palisade FLEXnet license server?

If you install the client from the ClientInstaller folder then it will pick up the server location automatically. If that was not done, either repeat the install, this time from that folder, or edit the System Registry as explained in Redirecting 5.x Network Clients to a New Server. (In 6.x clients, you can also import the Client.ini file through License Manager.)

Question 2:
I have licenses on more than one server. I would like a particular user to get a license from SERVER1, but it it's not available then I want her to get a license from SERVER2. Can this be done?
Yes. Use any of the methods above, and specify @SERVER1;@SERVER2 as the license file location.  This provides what one user has called an "automatic failover".
Caution: This does not apply to redundant three-server setups. Consult your Licensing End User Guide for setting up redundant servers.

last edited: 2012-10-01

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