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7.23. Multiple Browse Results Windows

Applies to:  @RISK 5.x–7.x

I'd like to compare several inputs and outputs by having several Browse Results windows on screen at the same time. Can I do that?

Here are two techniques.

METHOD A: Change the regular callout window for Browse Results to a floating window by clicking the icon at the lower right; see attached screen shot.  You can then click Browse Results again and select another output or input.

METHOD B: Paste graphs into an Excel sheet.  Chart in Excel creates a new worksheet for each graph, but you can place more than one graph — Browse Results or other graphs — in the same worksheet as follows:

  1. When you have the graph the way you want it, Edit and Export (third icon in the row of small icons at the bottom) and select Copy Graph, or Copy Graph and Grid if you want the statistics grid also.
  2. Click into the worksheet and press Ctrl-V to paste the graph or graph and grid.  (You don't need to close the Browse Results window first.)

Caution with @RISK 5.x/6.x: The pasted graphs will be correct in the Excel worksheet, but if you try to convert them to another format, such as PDF, you may lose details. See Pasted Graph Loses Some Details. @RISK 7.x uses a different technique and does not have this issue.

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