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5.3. Citrix Servers, Terminal Services, Remote Desktop, XP Mode

Disponible en español: Servidores Citrix, Servicios de Terminal, Escritorio Remoto, Windows XP Mode
Disponível em português: Servidores Citrix, Serviços de Terminal, Área de Trabalho Remota, Windows XP Mode

Applies to:  All products

Can I install and run Palisade software on a Citrix server or Terminal Services?  Can I log in to my office computer from a remote location and run the software?

A Concurrent Network license is required with Citrix servers and Terminal Services (also known as Remote Desktop Services). A Concurrent Network license is also required for any other form of remote login.

With a standalone license, you must be physically present at the computer that is running our software.  If you try to run a standalone license remotely, you'll get an error message or an activation screen. (The same is true for an Enterprise Network license also.)

If you don't actually need to log in remotely, but simply want to use the software on two computers, ask your Palisade sales manager about possible alternatives.

(Windows XP Mode in Windows 7 is implemented as a form of remote desktop, so you can't run a standalone copy of our software in XP Mode. But there is no need to do that, because our software is fully compatible with Windows 7 in 32-bit or 64-bit form.)

See also: Citrix and Remote Desktop? in our 7.x Network Guide

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Last edited: 2016-08-18

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