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4.25. Reports Do Not Appear after Simulation

Applies to: @RISK, release 6.1.2 only

After a simulation, I can't get Simulation Data or Detailed Statistics reports to appear in Excel.

Please check your simulation settings. On the Sampling tab, do you have Collect Distribution Samples set to None? Or do you have it set to Inputs Marked with Collect, but you haven't actually marked any inputs or collection? Or does your simulation not actually contain any @RISK input distributions?

Under any of those circumstances, an error in @RISK 6.1.2 prevented it from producing certain reports. The problem was fixed in @RISK 6.2.0. If you are eligible, upgrade your @RISK to the current release. If you can't upgrade, you can work around the problem by ensuring that you have at least one input distribution and setting Collect Distribution Samples to All.

Last edited: 2017-02-17

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