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3.7. Firewall Settings for Palisade Standalone Software

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I want to block direct Internet access, and only open specific ports for specific applications.  Which I/O ports does your standalone software use?  Which sites, servers, or IP addresses?

During normal operation, our software doesn't require any Internet access at all.  It does try occasionally to check for updates so that it can notify you, but if it can't perform the check it will still function normally and won't display any error message.

An Automatic Activation or Automatic Deactivation, if you select that option, will try to communicate with our server. But if you have no Internet, or if the communication fails owing to your firewall or any other reason, you can always use the Manual option. With Manual Activation and Manual Deactivation, the software guides you to save an XML-type request file to a folder on your computer. You then email the file to us, or submit it on our Web site. Either way, you receive back a response file, which you load into the Palisade software on your computer to finish the activation or deactivation. (If the computer with the Palisade software has no email or Web access, you can copy the files to and from a computer that does. If security reasons prevent your exchanging XML files with Palisade, please contact Palisade Technical Support, and we will help you with another method of activation.)

How should I adjust my company firewall to allow automatic activations and deactivations?

This is not required if you use the Manual option mentioned above. But if you prefer to enable the Automatic options, here's how to do it.

Automatic Activation and Automatic Deactivation use port 80.  Make sure you allow both directions: from you to us, and from us back to you.  If the software can't communicate through port 80 with our server, you'll get a failure message and you can then use the Manual option or else register Palisade as a trusted site in your corporate firewall and/or the individual computer firewall.

If you need to specify servers, we recommend specifying *  This is the most flexible method, and will still work whatever changes we may make in the future.

If your firewall won't let you use wildcards, specify and

If you must use IP addresses, as of June 2015 the IP addresses for those servers are and  However, we advise against using IP addresses, because these may change without notice.

See also: For network software (client and server), please see Network Ports and Firewalls (7.x) or Network Ports and Firewalls (6.x).

Last edited: 2015-10-29

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