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14.14. Interrupting and Resuming an Optimization

Applies to:
Evolver 5.x–7.x
RISKOptimizer 5.x
RISKOptimizer in @RISK 6.x/7.x Industrial Edition

My optimization takes a long time, and I need to take my laptop home in the middle of the optimization. How can I do this without losing several hours' work?

There are two methods.

Option A: Pause the optimization with the yellow bars. Don't close Excel, don't log off, just hibernate the laptop. (Default power settings probably hibernate the laptop when you close the lid.) When you get to your new location, enter your password to unlock the session, and click the yellow bars to resume from the same point.

Option B: Stop the optimization with the red square. When the dialog pops up, ensure that "Best Values" is checked (ticked). Save the workbook, possibly under a new name. Close Excel. When you get to your new location, open Evolver, open the workbook, and start the optimization. It will resume from that point, but the history before that pinpoint not be available.

Last edited: 2015-07-23

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