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6.17. "@RISK's Project commands require a copy of Microsoft Project."

Applies to: @RISK 6.x/7.x, Professional and Industrial Editions

When I try to import a project, I get the error message

@RISK's Project commands require a copy of Microsoft Project. This is not available on this system.

But I do have Project installed!

Please double-click an .MPP file.  Does it open in Microsoft Project?  If not, right-click the file, select Open with » Choose default program, and browse to Microsoft Project (program name: Winproj).

If an .MPP file opens in Project when you double-click it, verify that you have Microsoft Project installed on this computer, as opposed to a network share.  Also, deployment of Microsoft Office as Web Apps, On Demand, or some varieties of Office 365 and Click-to-Run may be a problem. See Click-to-Run and Office 365 with Palisade Software for more information.

Verify that your version of Project is compatible with your version of @RISK.  Please see Windows and Office Versions Supported by Palisade.

If all of the above check out correctly, it's possible that somehow the connection between @RISK and Project has been broken.  You can re-establish it by using the technique in Which Version of Project is Opened by @RISK?

Last edited: 2015-10-15

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