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3.10. License Lost on Upgrading Windows 8.1 Preview to Final

Applies to: Palisade software releases 5.x–7.x, non-network licenses

I was running Palisade software, with an activated license, under Windows 8.1 Preview. Everything was fine.  I upgraded to final Windows 8.1, and now my license seems to be gone.  It doesn't show up in License Manager.  What happened, and how do I fix it?

We've had several reports of this problem among people who upgraded from Windows 8.1 Preview to final Windows 8.1, though some have done the same Windows upgrade and the Palisade license was unaffected  As far as we know, users upgrading from Windows 8 are not affected.  The key may be in this comment in Stephen Rose's Springboard Series blog:  "It's also important to note that while computers running Windows 8.1 Preview can be updated to the final Windows 8.1 release, this update process will only migrate the data on the device. All applications (from the Windows Store or desktop applications) will need to be reinstalled as part of this process."

Palisade Technical Support can help recover your license. Please click the magnifying-glass icon in License Manager, then the View button. A Notepad window will open. Click File » Save, and save the file to your desktop. Attach the file to an email to Technical Support. In the body of the email, please include your serial number or Activation ID with a brief problem description.

Last edited: 2015-09-14

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