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16.2. Sharing a Tree with Colleagues Who Don't Have PrecisionTree

Applies to: PrecisionTree 6.x/7.x

I want to send the Excel file containing my tree to a colleague who doesn't have PrecisionTree. How can I do this?

If they open the Excel file and don't have PrecisionTree running, all the numbers will be replaced with #NAME.

PrecisionTree doesn't have anything that corresponds to @RISK "swap out functions". Instead, you can use PrecisionTree to capture all or part of the tree to an image and paste it into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Acrobat, or any program that can accept images. Please see Decision Tree on a PowerPoint Slide.

Beginning with release 7.0, you also have the option to click the View in BigPicture button in PrecisionTree, if you have BigPicture. That will load BigPicture and make a copy of your tree. In BigPicture, you can expand individual branches, after turning Single Expand off if necessary; or you can click Collapse or Expand to » and select a level of expansion, such as No Topics Collapsed. The resulting tree will be self contained in Excel, and all the numbers can be viewed by someone who has Excel but doesn't have PrecisionTree or BigPicture. (If they have BigPicture but not PrecisionTree, they'll be able to collapse and expand branches of the tree.)

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