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19.9. RiskCompound Equivalent in the RDK

This article relates to discontinued products, but is retained for the benefit of our customers with existing licenses. For current information, please see Support Policy for RDK, BDK, EDK, and RODK.

Applies to:
@RISK Developer's Kit 4.1

I'm writing an application where a given risk occurs multiple times, based on a probability distribution. Each occurrence has a severity that is also a probability distribution, so it's not just a matter of multiplying a frequency distribution by a severity distribution.  In Combining Probability and Impact (Frequency and Severity), I read about @RISK's RiskCompound function, which seems perfect for my application, but I can't find it in the @RISK Developer's Kit.  Does the RDK have any equivalent to RiskCompound?

Although RDK 4.1 does not directly include a RiskCompound as a single function, you can build one out of other distribution functions.

Please see the attached example. This example is flexible in terms of the number of severity distributions. It also uses a special technique to include the RiskCompound equivalent in the sensitivity analysis.

last edited: 2013-09-12


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