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7.15. Tornado Graph — How to Set Defaults

Applies to: @RISK 6.x/7.x

How do I set the defaults for tornado graphs?  I looked in Application Settings but I couldn't find that section.

To set defaults for the tornado graphs in Browse Results and Quick Reports, click Utilities » Application Settings » Sensitivity Defaults.

Tornado Maximum # Bars can be any whole number from 1 to 16. However, a value greater than 10 will apply only to the correlation, regression, and contribution to variance tornado graphs. The Change in Output Statistic tornado never displays more than 10 bars, even if you specify a higher number. If the limit of 16 (or 10) is too small, you can still use a worksheet function to retrieve correlation coefficients, regression coefficients, change in output statistic, or contribution to variance for lower-ranked inputs.

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