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8.22. @RISK Mini-Toolbar Does Not Appear

Applies to: @RISK 6.x

When I right-click on a cell, the @RISK mini-toolbar does not appear.

Do you have @RISK 7.0 or newer? With the release of @RISK 7.0.0, the mini-toolbar was replaced by two entries, @RISK–Results and @RISK–Model, in the right-click menu for cells. @RISK–Model always appears; @RISK–Results appears if you have run a simulation.

If you have @RISK 6.x, look in the first section of Application Settings and verify that the mini-toolbar is enabled. The mini-toolbar was introduced in @RISK 6.0, and to bring it up you could right-click a cell or hold the down left mouse button while pointing into a cell. Holding down the left mouse button could interfere with selecting a block of cells, so that behavior was removed from @RISK. In @RISK 6.1–6.3, the only way to bring up the mini-toolbar was to right-click in a cell.

If the toolbar is enabled, the problem may be your screen resolution or display mode. Aero is the Windows higher resolution "Aero-glass" mode that the mini-toolbar was designed for. "Classic" non-Aero modes, like those used in Windows XP or available as a "basic" theme in Windows 7, don't allow the mini toolbar to function correctly. In Windows 7, switch to a higher resolution Aero theme to allow the mini toolbar to work. If you have release 6.1.1–6.2.0, see Mini-Toolbar and Context Menu Missing.

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