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15.9. More Than One Dependent Variable in NeuralTools?

Applies to: NeuralTools 5.x–7.x

I want to use a set of data to predict two dependent variables.  Is there a way to do it, or am I limited to one dependent variable?

You can have more than one dependent variable in your data set, but not during any one training session.

The solution is to set up your independent and dependent variables in one data set.  Then train one net with your independent variables and one dependent variable, and train a second net with your independent variables and the other dependent variable.  This gives you two Live Prediction dependent variables in the same data set, each using a different net.  Between the training sessions, in the Data Set Manager dialog you need to change the specification of the dependent variable; in other words, you cannot have two variables defined as dependent at a given time, since then NeuralTools wouldn't know where to put the live predictions.

You could also train those nets with two different data sets, and then use them both for Live Prediction in a third data set.

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