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3.31. Log-normal Distribution with 2 Percentile Parameters

Applies to: @RISK 5.x–7.x

In @RISK, is there any other way to generate a log-normal distribution with two percentile parameters, even if the log-normal automatically generates a third percentile parameter based on the other two?

Yes, you can do this easily.

  1. In Define Distribution, select the Alt. Parameters tab, and then LognormAlt.
  2. Click in the "Alternate" box next to Parameters, in the left-hand section of the dialog, then click the drop-down arrow that appears.
  3. Under Parameter Selection, click the radio button at the left of Location.  Change the two remaining percentiles, if you need to.  Click OK.
  4. Back in the Define Distribution dialog, specify zero for Loc (location).

Additional keywords: LognormAlt, RiskLognormAlt

Last edited: 2015-06-19

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