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5.13. Palisade Product Lifecycle Policy

Available in Spanish: Pólitica del Ciclo de Vida de los Productos Palisade

Disponível em português: Política de Ciclo de Vida dos Produtos da Palisade

Palisade product lifecycles begin when a product is released and end when a product is no longer supported or sold. Following are descriptions of the Palisade product lifecycle policy.

For Products with Current Maintenance

As long as maintenance for your Palisade 7.x/8.x software is in effect, Palisade will provide the following support to you at no charge:

For Products without Current Maintenance

Without a current maintenance plan for your Palisade software, you are not entitled to assisted technical support or free upgrades.

For All Users

If new hardware or new versions of Windows or Office are not compatible with your existing Palisade software, for continued technical support you may need to upgrade to a current version of our software.

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last edited: 2020-03-29

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