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2.62. "FLEXnet returned error code –97" (network client)

Disponible en español: "FLEXnet generó un código de error -97" cliente de red simultanea

Applies to: All Concurrent Network products, releases 5.x and later

When I launch @RISK or another one of the Palisade applications, I get this error message:

Authorization failure
FLEXnet returned error code –97: The desired vendor daemon is down.

What is wrong?

This message means that the client could communicate with an LMGRD program on the server, but could not communicate with the Palisade.exe program (the "vendor daemon") on the server. This could be caused by configuration problems on your server or your clients. Your first question is, does this happen on all clients, or are some clients able to run? A server problem will affect all clients. A client problem could affect all clients or only some clients, depending on whether some clients are configured correctly and some incorrectly.

Last edited: 2018-06-11

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