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4.1. Readme Files for 5.x Network

Applies to:
All Palisade network products, releases 5.x
(If you have release 7.x, please see the 7.x Network Guide.)

I need to reinstall my 5.x Palisade network.  Or, I need to install a 5.x network client.  Or, My 5.x users need to borrow a Concurrent Network license for use off network.  What is the procedure?  Where can I find instructions?

Network license administration has been greatly simplified and made more flexible in Palisade releases 6.0 and later, and we encourage you to upgrade your license if you are eligible.  For those who are not eligible, or not ready to upgrade, the server and client instructions are available in the three documents attached to this note.  Please select from

last edited: 2017-02-17


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