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2.5. Which Palisade Add-Ins Should be Active?

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Applies to: All Palisade software, releases 5.x–7.x

I'm installing Palisade software. Which add-ins should I make active in Excel?

Short answer: none of them. Launch Palisade software from the desktop icon if available, or from the Palisade DecisionTools group of the Start Menu. If Excel is not already running, our software will launch Excel.

It's completely normal for our add-ins not to appear in Excel's list of active add-ins, even when our software is running. If you make certain Palisade add-ins active, they can actually prevent the software from running correctly.

There's only one situation where you would want to make our software an active add-in: if you want our software to open automatically every time Excel opens. See Opening Palisade Software Automatically Whenever Excel Opens for the specific add-in to use.

Excel 2007 and newer:
I have installed one or more of @RISK, BigPicture, Evolver, NeuralTools, PrecisionTree, StatTools, and TopRank. They are in Excel's list of Inactive Application Add-ins. Is something wrong?

Excel 2003 and older:
I have installed one or more of @RISK, Evolver, NeuralTools, PrecisionTree, StatTools, and TopRank. I notice that their add-ins are listed in Excel's Tools » Add-ins list, but the boxes are not checked (ticked). Is something wrong?

Nothing is wrong. It is normal for @RISK and our other add-ins to show in Excel as inactive, even when they are running. (It is not normal for them to show as disabled. If any of our add-ins are in the list of Disabled Application Add-ins in Excel 2007 or newer, use the Manage control at the bottom to manage disabled items and re-enable them.)

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