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2.23. Statistical Calculations in @RISK and Excel

Applies to:
@RISK, all releases

I have come across a research paper that details some problems in Excel's statistical calculations. Is there anything to this, and is @RISK affected? How can I validate the generation of random numbers in various distributions by @RISK?

The computations in all @RISK functions are done by Palisade's own program code and do not rely on Excel's numerical functions in any way. By way of example, here are some details about the two types of functions we are most often asked about:

Microsoft has acknowledged some issues with some statistical calculations in Excel 2007 and earlier, but has addressed these beginning in Excel 2010. Microsoft gives details in the paper Function Improvements in Microsoft Office Excel 2010 (PDF). But again, none of these issues affect @RISK in any version of Excel, because @RISK does its own statistical calculations for every @RISK finction and does not use Excel functions for them.

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