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7.6. Upgrading to 8.x: Network Software 7.x

Disponible en español: Actualización a Versión 8.x: Licencias de Red 7.x

Applies to:
Palisade software releases 7.0.0–7.6.1, Concurrent Network and Enterprise Network licenses.

(For upgrades from other releases or license types, please see Upgrading Palisade Software.)

I have a network version of Palisade software release 7.0.0–7.6.1, and I'd like to update it to 8.x, your current version.

You can manually process the upgrade request through our web script. In case it fails, please contact your Palisade sales office and ask them to enter the order. (There is no charge if your maintenance is current.) Within one or two working days, you should receive links for the new server and client installs, you will also receive a new serial number with a new activation ID to complete proper upgrade. To be able to use your new version 8 license you will need to return any active license on version 5.x, 6.x, 7x.

Upgrading the Server:

Unless your server software is already at 7.6.1 you must upgrade the server software before upgrading the client software. Palisade Server Manager 8.x and newer work with any 5.x–7.x release of client software, but server software 8.x and older won't work with the newer client software.

  1. Don't uninstall the older version of Server Manager. Run it and click Stop Service. After the display shows the service stopped, close Server Manager.
  2. Right-click the new installer and select Run As Administrator.
  3. Run Server Manager and click Start Service. After the display shows the service running, you can close Sever Manager.

You don't need a new Activation ID or license certificate. You don't need to create a new Palisade_NetworkClient.ini file.

Upgrading the Clients:

You don't have to upgrade all the clients at the same time. As long as you have current maintenance, any 7.x client software will work with any Server Manager 7.5.2 or newer and any 7.x license.

The client installer that you will receive works for first-time installs and upgrades of existing clients. When upgrading existing clients, do not uninstall the old client software.

Place the EXE installer and the Palisade_NetworkClient.ini file in the same folder, right-click the installer, and select Run As Administrator. The Palisade_NetworkClient.ini file must be present even when you're upgrading an existing client.

Optional alternative: An MSI installer is available for use with configuration management systems and unattended installations. Please request a link from Palisade Technical Support. Include your serial number; we use that to look up your product and send you the correct installer. Two cautions:

  • If this computer doesn't already have version 7.x client software, you must install the prerequisites before running our MSI installer. See Scripting the Client Install.
  • With the MSI installer, for a new install or an upgrade to an existing copy, you must use specific command-line arguments. Again, see Scripting the Client Install.

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