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2.73. "Object doesn't support this property or method"

Applies to: All Palisade software, releases 6.x

When I try to launch my Palisade software, I get this error message:

Object doesn't support this property or method

The toolbars appear as expected. Can I ignore this message?

Palisade software releases 6.x require Excel 2003 or newer, and you are using an older version of Excel.  The software will not function correctly in this version of Excel, and you need to upgrade your Excel to a later version.

When you do upgrade Excel and click the @RISK icon (or PrecisionTree, StatTools, ...), the software might still try to launch the older Excel. If this happens, please see "Which Version of Excel Is Opened by Palisade Software?" for a simple update to the System Registry that will tell the software which version of Excel to open.

Last edited: 2012-12-11

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