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4.54. "Protected Workbook: This operation cannot be performed ..."

Applies to:
@RISK 6.x/7.x

When I click Start Simulation or try other operations that involve a simulation, I get this message from @RISK:

Protected Workbook

This operation cannot be performed because worksheet 'name' is protected. However, if you provide the password to the worksheet, it can proceed. After the operation is complete, the worksheet will be reprotected.

This password is stored securely and will be used automatically in the future.

Below the message is a box for entering a password.

For technical reasons, during a simulation @RISK replaces all @RISK functions in your workbook with helper functions, and then swaps them back at the end of the simulation. It cannot do this if a worksheet that contains @RISK functions is protected against writing and is passworded, and therefore the simulation cannot proceed. You have several options:

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