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4.32. "Authorization failure" When Simulating

Applies to:
@RISK 4.5 For Excel with Excel 2003 or earlier

When I click on @RISK's simulate button, it returns the error message "Authorization Failure". What is wrong?

This occurs if you add the @RISK and/or DecisionTools Suite toolbar(s) with Excel's View » Toolbars instead of launching the program. All toolbar buttons seem to operate except for the simulate button which will return the "Authorization Failure" message when clicked. The reason is that adding the toolbar under the view menu does not initialize @RISK properly.

To correct the problem, always start @RISK from the start menu: click the Windows Start button, then Programs or All Programs, then Palisade DecisionTools, then @RISK 4.5 for Excel. (Excel will start automatically if it's not already running.) This is our recommended procedure.

We do not recommend manually adding our toolbars or add-ins to Excel.

last edited: 2012-12-07

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