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14.2. "Risk.xla cannot be found"

Applies to: TopRank 5.x–7.x

When I do certain operations in TopRank, such as What-If Analysis, I get this error message:

'...\Risk.xla' cannot be found. Check your spelling, or try a different path.

I notice that the location in the error message, shown before Risk.xla, is an explicit network location with a leading \\ or else a mapped network drive.

You have Excel's default file location set to a network folder, and that confuses TopRank when it tries to load some AutoVary functions that it needs from @RISK. There are several alternative solutions, and you can choose A, B, or C:

A. Change Excel's default file location:

B. Open @RISK each time you open TopRank. You can do this either from the @RISK desktop icon or through TopRank itself: TopRank » Utilities » Load DecisionTools Add-In » @RISK. Or you can start @RISK from the desktop icon and then start TopRank through the similar menu selection in RISK.

C. Set Excel to start @RISK automatically whenever Excel starts, by following the directions in Opening Palisade Software Automatically Whenever Excel Opens. (Yes, we did mean @RISK in that sentence. If Excel opens @RISK automatically, TopRank won't need to open Risk.xla.)

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