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5.6. NA in Status Bar at Start of Optimization

Applies to:
RISKOptimizer 1.0, 5.x

RISKOptimizer must not be working properly. All of the values I start out with in my spreadsheet are valid, and meet all the constraints I set. However, as soon as I click the Run Optimization button, the status bar says "NA". So apparently it doesn't even recognize the initial solution in the spreadsheet as being valid.

This happens because if you specify a simulation statistic, such as Mean or Standard Deviation, as the target of your optimization. Since these statistics are calculated based on an entire simulation, at least one simulation must be completed before the "NA" will change to indicate that a valid solution has been found. If you have set conditions calling for convergence or other conditions that take longer, you may have to wait a while to see this happen.

last edited: 2012-01-17

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