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8.13. Define Distributions and Browse Results Do Nothing

Applies to: @RISK 5.x–7.x

A simulation seems to run normally, but when I click Browse Results nothing happens. Nothing happens when I click Define Distributions. When I try Fit Distributions, the initial fit dialog comes up, but when I click the Fit button on the dialog box I get this error:

Non-modal forms cannot be displayed in this host application from an ActiveX DLL, ActiveX Control, or Property Page.

First, determine whether you need a different article:

This problem has several possible causes, so you may have to try more than one solution.

Solution 1: Verify your installation of the Visual Basic 6 Runtime, and install the latest if yours is missing or out of date.

Solution 2: You may have an active add-in that is incompatible with @RISK.  We list two we know of that give this result, but there could be others that we don't know about. So for a first pass, we recommend disabling all add-ins except those that are part of Excel.

(To list your active add-ins, click File » Options » Add-Ins. The active add-ins are the first list in the right-hand panel. Inactive add-ins, the second list, don't matter. To deactivate an add-in, without uninstalling it, notice the last column, which tells you whether it's an Excel add-in or a COM add-in. Then at the bottom, select that type in the drop-down box after the word "Manage", and click the Go button. After deactivating all add-ins, close and reopen Excel.)

Solution 3: A clean Uninstall and Reinstall of Palisade Software solves the problem in some cases.

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