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8.5. #NAME Errors in Place of Distribution Functions

Applies to:
@RISK for Excel 4.x–7.x
RISKOptimizer 1.0 and 5.x

In @RISK or RISKOptimizer, I open a workbook that contains distribution functions. Instead of numeric values I see #NAME errors.

Sometimes a saved workbook will not have correct connections to @RISK. One or more of the following three methods will fix the problem. After fixing the problem, save the workbook and it should be fine the next time you open it.

  1. Excel or your workbook may be in Manual Calculation mode. See "Does Excel ever change my calculation mode on its own?", the second section of "Calculation Changed to Manual by a Simulation?"

    To fix this, set Excel calculation to Automatic:

    • In Excel 2007 or newer, click Formulas » Calculation Options » Automatic.
    • In Excel 2003 or earlier, click Tools » Options » Calculation » Automatic.

    If you prefer to keep Excel in Manual Calculation mode, press Ctrl+Alt+F9 to force all cells, including @RISK distributions, to recalculate.

  2. If switching to Automatic Calculation or forcing a recalculate didn't work, run a simulation with one iteration.

  3. If that also didn't work, change "=" to "=", forcing all formulas to recalculate:

    1. Open the Edit–Replace dialog (Alt+E, then E).
    2. Click Options.
    3. Find what: =
      Replace with: =
      Within: Sheet
      Look in: Formulas
      "Match entire cell contents" NOT checked
    4. Click Find All, then click Replace All.
  4. Do you have @RISK Professional or Standard, and are the #NAMEs showing up only in Time Series functions? Time Series requires @RISK Industrial. Please contact your Palisade sales office for help in upgrading your @RISK to the Industrial Edition. You won't need to reinstall @RISK; you'll receive an Activation ID that will change your existing @RISK into the Industrial Edition.

Important: Once you have resolved the #NAME errors through methods 1–3, save your workbook. If you have any other workbooks set to manual mode, the problem may recur when you open them, and you will need to use the same solution on those workbooks.

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