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18.5. "Feature ... does not support borrowing ..."

Applies to: Palisade network server software 6.x/7.x

In Server Manager, in Advanced Options, I clicked the View button (or in LMTools, on the Config Services tab, I clicked View Log). Near the end of the output I see this message

Feature @RISK60_Professional does not support borrowing, MAX_BORROW_HOURS ignored

or a similar message naming another Palisade product. What is wrong?

This message from the FLEXnet software can be ignored.

In FLEXnet, there are two forms of Concurrent Network license, activatable and certificate. Technically, the activatable Concurrent Network license does not have borrowing, but it has another feature that serves the same purpose. MAX_BORROW_HOURS is a FLEXnet option for the older certificate form of license.

To keep things simple and consistent, Palisade 6.x and newer network software always uses the term borrowing. Our software presents a single interface to end users and server administrators, whether the underlying Concurrent Network license is the activatable type or the certificate type. When you enable or disable borrowing or change the borrowing limit in Server Manager » Options, for either type of Concurrent Network license, the software updates the MAX_BORROW_HOURS option line. If the license is the more common activatable type, the FLEXnet software does not understand the MAX_BORROW_HOURS line, and it issues a warning message. However, there are no other consequences in the Palisade licensing environment.

Palisade recommends you do not edit the MAX_BORROW_HOURS line in the options file. Depending on the exact sequence of events, it's possible that such an edit could cause borrowing to malfunction, or to be available when you did not want it to be available. Always use the Options dialog in Server Manager to set borrowing options for Palisade Concurrent Network software.

Last edited: 2015-10-19

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