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4.38. "The formula ... could not be correctly parsed"

Also available in Spanish: "La fórmula ... no pudo ser paseada correctamente"

Applies to: @RISK 5.x–7.x

At the start of simulation, I get the error message "The formula formula could not be correctly parsed", or "The formula formula, from cellreference, could not be correctly parsed."

@RISK 5.0 introduced a feature called Smart Sensitivity Analysis, also known as precedent checking.

As @RISK traces back from your @RISK outputs to your distribution functions, along the way it may find an Excel formula that it doesn't know how to interpret, such as one containing an Excel INDIRECT( ) function. (See Precedent Checking (Smart Sensitivity Analysis) for the complete list of formulas that Smart Sensitivity Analysis cannot handle.)

You can disable Smart Sensitivity Analysis for this model so that the simulation will proceed without the warning message. To do this, click the Simulation Settings icon, select the Sampling tab, and change Smart Sensitivity Analysis to Disabled. Click OK and save the workbook.

The choice of enabling or disabling Smart Sensitivity Analysis can be made for each workbook, and you can also set it in Application Settings to apply to new models. These settings are available in 5.x,-7.x, except @RISK 5.0.0. If you do not have this choice, please visit to request an update to our current release.

Last edited: 2020-03-20

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