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2.100. Excel prompts for "VBA Project" or "VBA Converter"

Applies to:
The DecisionTools Suite 4.5.6 and earlier
@RISK for Excel 4.5.6 and earlier
BestFit 4.5.6 and earlier
Evolver 4.0.8 and earlier
NeuralTools 1.0.0
PrecisionTree 1.0.8 and earlier
RISKOptimizer 1.0.8 and earlier
RiskView 4.5.6 and earlier
StatTools 1.1.0 and earlier
TopRank 1.5 and earlier

When I launch @RISK, PrecisionTree, StatTools, Palisade software in Excel 2007 or newer, I get the message

Opening the VBA Project in this file requires a component that is not currently installed...
Search MS Office online for VBA Converters

You are running an older version of our software. The versions listed above are not compatible with Excel 2007. For the software version required with your versions of Excel and Windows, please see Windows and Office Versions Supported by Palisade.

Please contact your Palisade sales manager to obtain an upgrade to the current version of your product, which will be compatible with recent versions of Excel. If your maintenance plan is current, there is no charge for the upgrade.

While you're waiting for the activation ID for your upgrade, if you'd like to get started with our current release you can download a trial version. When you get the activation ID for your upgrade, just enter it in the trial version to convert it to a permanent version, with no need to download or install anything else.

last edited: 2018-10-09

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