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2.92. "Unable to load ... Dtools5.xll"

Applies to:
@RISK for Excel 5.x
RISKOptimizer 5.x
PrecisionTree 5.x
Evolver 5.x

When I try to start @RISK for Excel or one of the other tools mentioned, I get the message

Unable to load C:\Program Files\Palisade\System\Dtools5.xll


Unable to load C:\Program Files (x86)\Palisade\System\Dtools5.xll

You have @RISK 4.x for Project and one or more of our Excel add-ins installed. Normally they coexist peacefully. But when you run @RISK for Project and have it generate reports in Excel, it loads an add-in called Dtools32, and when @RISK for Project closes it leaves that add-in permanently enabled in Excel. Dtools32 conflicts with our add-in called Dtools5, which is used by @RISK, RISKOptimizer, PrecisionTree, and Evolver. Therefore, the next time you try to run one of those Excel add-ins, you get the above error message.

The cure is to disable the older add-in manually. Open Excel (not @RISK), and follow these instructions:

This will not recur if you open @RISK for Project and run a simulation. But if you generate reports into Excel from @RISK for Project, you will probably need to disable this add-in manually again before running our Excel add-ins.

last edited: 2012-01-05

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